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The Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition

The Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition

Formed in March of 2019, community members came together around a common mission - Arts, Culture, and Economic Prosperity for the City of Fall River. The Fall River Arts & Culture Coalition (FRACC) is a committee of the One SouthCoast Chamber and the Bristol County Chamber.

FRACC consistently empowers the community by nurturing creativity and making a lasting positive impact on Fall River. With captivating murals, national grants, and impactful community initiatives, FRACC has firmly established itself as a key player in enhancing the city's cultural landscape. Discover the profound impact of FRACC on Fall River's Arts and Culture scene by exploring our blog.

 FRACC members are invited to participate in Working Groups where they focus on the mission and goals of the Fall River Arts and Culture Creative Economy Plan. The FRACC is proud of its open-source commitment, inviting anyone and every organization to join who is committed to collaboration and improving the quality of life for Fall River residents by growing opportunities and support for the arts, culture, and creative economy of the City.


  • Commit to equity in arts and culture in the city.

  • Ensure all events are accessible and reflect the diversity of cultures in content, artists, and audience.

  • Ensure that the distribution of funding and arts and cultural support of all kinds is equitably distributed throughout the city, both geographically and demographically.

  • Commit to payment for all artists engaged in work for the Fall River Arts & Culture Plan and FRACC.

  • Ensure that events and activities are ADA accessible for participants

  • and that individuals with disabilities are offered the full spectrum of participation as artists. The Americans for the Arts Statement on

  • Cultural Equity will be a guide for Fall River Arts & Culture Plan actions.

  • Embrace collaboration and partnerships with local and regional arts, culture, and business organizations, community groups, and public officials.

  • Maintain the initiative’s open-source framework to ensure transparency and access.

Thanks For Joining!

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