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Meet the talented artists selected for our Capacity-Building Program in partnership with Assets for Artists!
Ten amazing Fall River creatives are receiving $3,000 grants and professional development support.
Visit our blog to read more about each artist.

Program Overview

 A special Capacity-Building Program for Fall River artists pairs an unrestricted micro-grant of $3,000 with professional development tools for artists to design and build their creative future. This program is financed, in part by Bristol County, through the American Rescue Plan Act and is made possible through the collaboration of Fall River Arts & Culture Coalition (FRACC) and Assets for Artists (A4A).

Program Details

The Capacity-Building Program delivers personalized, artist-centric professional development, empowering artists to enhance their creative practices, pursue purpose-driven careers, forge supportive networks, and access resources for sustainable, self-determined success.

The 2024 Capacity-Building Program application and Workshop RFP (request for proposal) window has closed. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming workshop offerings. 
The 6-month program includes
  • A $2,000 - $3,000 unrestricted grant.

  • A combination of self-directed and group professional development for artists of all disciplines.

  • Individualized support and resources from A4A staff and trainers in service of your creative professional goals.

  • Planning tools to help you explore what’s next in your artistic career.

  • Cohort events for connection and peer learning.

  • Priority access to A4A’s professional development workshops.

  • Up to 2 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions with an A4A trainer in support of your goals.

  • You are a year-round resident of the City of Fall River.

  • You are at least 18 years of age.

  • You are not a current, full-time student.

  • You have never received a previous Assets for Artists grant.

  • You have either been a Fall River artist since before January 1, 2020, or currently live or have studio space in one of the following Fall River census tracts: 6402, 6403, 6409, 6410, 6411, 6412, 6413, 6414, or 6420. Find your census tract here: (

  • Please note that you are not required to be a US citizen or to provide documentation of legal residence in the US.

The Capacity-Building program welcomes artists and creatives from all disciplines.

Our definition of "artist" is broad, encompassing visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, theater artists, craftspeople, jewelers, fashion designers, puppeteers, fiber artists, drag performers, photographers, filmmakers, woodworkers, traditional artisans, social practitioners, and more!


While we embrace artists at any career stage, the majority we've supported identify as emerging or midcareer. Our community includes self-taught individuals alongside those with MFAs, artists new to their craft, and those with decades of experience. Many of our participants have never previously received a grant, and we particularly encourage artists from under-resourced communities and backgrounds to apply.

The Capacity-Building Program is ideally suited for creatives eager to embrace A4A's program offerings, ready to fortify their practice for long-term sustainability, and seeking to broaden and deepen their connections within a vibrant network of creative peers.

FRACC is thrilled to announce our 2024 training and networking series, a vital component of our commitment to empowering creatives. In partnership with Assets for Artists (A4A), we are launching the Artist Recovery Program aimed at adults aged 18 and above. Scheduled from June to November 2024, these workshops offer an invaluable opportunity for skill enhancement and community building. We cordially invite passionate individuals from Fall River and the SouthCoast region to join us as presenters by submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) using the form provided below.

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