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Fall River Public Art

Public Art is often used as a catch-all term to describe murals, street art, statues, lighting art, temporary, or permanent. Simply put, public art is art in public spaces. It is visually and physically accessible to the public; it is installed in public spaces in both outdoor and indoor settings. 


Public art has been found to provide a positive impact on communities by supporting economic growth and sustainability, attachment and cultural identity, artists as contributors, social cohesion and cultural understanding, and public health and belonging. It instills meaning—a greater sense of identity and understanding of where we live, work, and visit—creating memorable experiences for all.

The City of Fall River has a wealth of cultural, historical, and organizational assets and visitor destinations; mapping these assets will continue to be a work in progress. If we’ve missed anything, please email us and let us know!

Quequechan River Rail Trail Living Wall

Curated by Greg Pennisten

We Here

Add Fuel

Block Calico

Greg Pennisten

Falling Water Communal Table

Tyler Inman

Featured FRACC Projects

Public art plays a key role in FRACC implementing the Art & Culture Creative Economy Plan, as this work supports culture and creativity across the city and creates real and measurable positive impacts for residents and neighborhoods.

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Block Calico, 2022

By Greg Pennisten/@_gregwashere_

"This is my largest solo project to date and I couldn't be happier with the result. Thank you to everyone involved, especially the Beyond Walls team, Add Fuel, Adres, and Kevin Ledo. It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet and work with you all."

Diversity Sculpture, 2021

By Barney Zeitz

“We wanted to make this for everyone. It’s indigenous people, immigrants, refugees and the enslaved. It’s about diversity and looking to the future.”

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Shared Water, 2022

By Kevin Ledo and Apt Arts for One Blue Sky Project/@kevinledo @samystan @aptarts

“Shared Water, my most recent mural with One BlueSky Project in Fall River, Massachusetts for Viva Murals Fall River & Beyond Walls. The image is of Juliana, one of the youths who we photographed, for this oversea cultural exchange mural with Tierra Bomba, Colombia.”

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We Here, 2022

By ADD FUEL/@addfuel

“Layers on layers of Azulejo tiles in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. WE, HERE is a classical and pure Add Fuel piece, blue palette with hints of yellow, tile patterns. An ode to this enduring community, a celebration of Portuguese presence and culture in this ’home away from home’ that is Fall River.”

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