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Call for Artists - FAQ


Will FRACC pull permits with the City?

Yes, FRACC will handle pulling all the necessary permits with the City. You can focus on your
artistic vision and community engagement while we handle the administrative aspects.


Will FRACC rent the lift?

Yes, FRACC will take care of the lift rental.


What is the artist's role in the workshops?

FRACC will take care of the logistics and coordination for the artist-led workshops. The artist will
just need to show up and be ready to teach. FRACC will manage the registration process, secure
the location for the workshops, and provide any necessary supplies or equipment needed to
facilitate the events.


Who is responsible for documenting the process?

FRACC will indeed document the project's overall installation through photographs and film.
Additionally, we ask that the artist document their creative process from inspiration to design
and even mockups using visual means such as photos or film. This documentation will help us
appreciate the journey and creative decisions that go into the final artwork.


Should artists submit a design idea or previous work?

We would love to see artists submit both past work and a design idea for this project. However,
we understand that some artists may not want to present design work without compensation or
project commitment, which is why we're asking for examples of past work. This way, artists can
showcase their talent and style while also giving us a glimpse of their creative approach.

Rules and Eligibility Requirements

● Apply online at:

● The application period ends on Friday, August 18, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Still have questions? Email us at

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