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Celebrating Creativity: FRACC Ignition Fund Grant Awardees Announced

We are thrilled to announce the six talented recipients of the Ignition Fund grant by the Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition (FRACC). These artists represent the vibrant creative community of Fall River, each bringing their unique vision and passion to the forefront.

The Ignition Fund grant not only supports individual artists but also contributes to the cultural growth and vitality of Fall River and the SouthCoast region. The Ignition Space, where these projects will come to life, has already made a significant impact on our community. It serves as a dynamic hub for creativity and innovation, providing artists with a dedicated space to explore and develop their ideas. Since its inception, The Ignition Space has hosted numerous events, workshops, and exhibitions, fostering collaboration and sparking inspiration among artists and community members alike.

With the Ignition Fund grant, recipients gain access to The Ignition Space for one month to implement, market, and host a public event. This event could take the form of a reception or an engagement-based program, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with the community. Additionally, selected participants have the opportunity to attend FRACC's recent professional development workshops led by Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery Executive Director Kathleen Hancock.

Kathleen Hancock with Students

Samantha Charles: Samantha's journey as an artist has been deeply influenced by her passion for art as an outlet. With her project "Escape Through ART," she invites the community to explore the therapeutic benefits of art and create meaningful connections through artistic expression.

Filomena Botelho: As a retired teacher turned artist, Filomena is committed to advancing creative expression within the community. Her project "Bloom" will feature an exhibition of her diverse artworks and hands-on workshops for the public to explore different techniques in acrylic painting and crochet.

Christina Senra Preble: Senra's lifelong dedication to the arts has led her to create a project focused on providing art classes and events for the homeschooling community. With "Painting with Senra," she aims to inspire creativity and connection through nature-inspired painting sessions.

Gregory Molinar: Gregory is dedicated to curating creative experiences and educating artists on integrating technology into their practices. Through his "Creative Catalyst Series," he aims to provide educational events for local creatives, fostering networking opportunities and enhancing business skills.

Sharon Jussaume: Sharon's eclectic jewelry designs have earned her recognition in the community. Through her project "The Art of Jewelry," she plans to offer free beading classes, create a space for jewelry makers to connect, and educate the public on the art of lapidary.

Brittni Ann Harvey: Brittni's multidisciplinary approach to art explores global shifts in production, technology, and class hierarchy. With her project "Symposium: De-Siloing as Practice," she will host a research symposium to discuss art's relevance across various fields, fostering innovation and collaboration.

FRACC is committed to broadening and diversifying the range of individuals who benefit from its grant programs. The Ignition Fund aims to attract and provide funding to individuals who may not have had fair opportunities to access local or state programs in the past. We are delighted to officially announce the six awardees of the grant, whose projects will take place in The Ignition Space starting in June 2024.

Stay tuned for more details about each creative's project, which will be available on FRACC's social media channels.

The Ignition Fund is supported by the TDI Creative Catalyst Grant Program, which is administered by MassDevelopment and funded by the Barr Foundation.

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