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FRACC Announces Exciting Public Art Project

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition (FRACC), a proactive and collaborative organization dedicated to advancing arts and culture in Fall River, is delighted to announce its latest endeavor, FRACC Murals, a transformative public art project set to enrich our city's cultural landscape. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the City of Fall River for their invaluable partnership in this project, and for providing Pearl Street as the canvas for our artistic vision. Additionally, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to Representative Carole Fiola for her instrumental role in securing the state earmark. This earmark funding plays a pivotal role in enabling us to fulfill our mission by implementing the goals and strategies outlined in our Arts & Culture Creative Economy Plan, making art accessible to all and fostering the growth of our creative economy.

Open Call for Artists Yields Exceptional Talent

This past summer, FRACC conducted open calls to identify talented artists. We are now thrilled to introduce BK Foxx as the visionary lead artist for the FRACC Murals project. BK brings a wealth of experience and creativity to this initiative and is poised to inspire us with her extraordinary talents. She has created murals across the world and in several locations in the Commonwealth, including two in Holyoke this past summer.

an image of a mural on a city building painted by artist BKFOXX

Documenting the Journey: Meet Our Photographer/Videographer

To capture the essence of this awe-inspiring project and to ensure that its impact is preserved for posterity, FRACC has chosen Fall River-owned FGX Studios, as the official photographer and videographer. Their lens will tell the story of FRACC Murals as the mural takes shape on the Pearl Street parking garage. Their role is pivotal in documenting the creation of the artwork and will play an essential part in this artistic journey.

Local Artists as Assistants – Fostering Homegrown Talent

FRACC believes in nurturing local talent, and as such, we're proud to announce that several local artists will be working as apprentices on this project. This presents an incredible opportunity for these budding artists to learn from BK and build their knowledge and skills for future arts installations.

The Pearl Street Park Garage: A Canvas for Creativity

The chosen canvas for this exciting endeavor is the Pearl Street Park Garage’s brick stairwell. Its highly visible location serves not only as a testament to our commitment to artistic expression, but also as a beacon for tourism and an economic booster for the city.

The creation of these captivating murals will commence at the end of October, transforming the Pearl Street Park Garage into a stunning larger-than-life art piece. This project will not only leave a lasting imprint on our city but also strengthen our vibrant artistic community.

Stay tuned for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and opportunities for community involvement. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and to be part of this incredible journey. FRACC Murals is a testament to our dedication to promoting inclusivity, equity, and the arts in Fall River. We can't wait to share this artistic adventure with you!

About BKFoxx:

BKFoxx is a public artist from Long Island, NY. She paints photorealistic murals strictly in spray paint. BK became interested in street art in 2013, practicing with spray paint in abandoned buildings. She thought it was really powerful to transform an entire place with just paint. BK has been invited to paint murals all around the world, and believes art is important for everyone which is why she focuses on creating accessible public artwork.

About FGX Studios:

Experienced photographer, film, and video editor adept in the entirety of the film process from

conception to completion. The Fall River owner and creative director of FGX Studios is self-taught video and photography. In the present role as the Director of Media Arts at Bethel AME Church in Boston, content production has been a focus for over a decade. The primary goal is to create a full-length film to share life stories and inspire other creators.

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