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Dad's Home, 2023

By BKFoxx

A captivating project in Fall River has caught the attention of many.
The Pearl Street parking garage's exterior is now adorned with a mural, a tribute to the residents of Fall River and their strong commitment to family.
Teaming up with Claudio Picasso, the New York-based artist BKFoxx paid homage to her father and other significant individuals in her life. Through her artwork, she beautifully conveys a message centered on love and family – two cherished values that hold a special place in the heart of Fall River.

Dad's Home, 2023

“(The city) didn’t want something conventional, they wanted something new and specific to Fall River,” she said.
A mural catered toward family roots felt right for BKFoxx, and as an artist, she liked to find ways to pay homage to the people in her life.

“I use references that are personal to me,” she said. “For ‘Dad’s Home’, the table with the objects on it, it’s from my grandma’s house, and the objects on the table belong to my father who is a mechanic.”

BKFoxx was the perfect artist for the job. It takes a person to understand the value of family and the unwavering love that comes with it to truly portray a stunning message for an entire city to relate to.

After a few weeks, “Dad’s Home” was complete, and thanks to the efforts of BKFoxx, Claudio Picasso, and FRACC, a beautiful message about family has been stamped onto Fall River’s landscape.

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